iPAL For Life Transition:

Life transitions such as graduation from high school or college, career changes, loss of employment and/or home, marriage or divorce, loss of a loved one or retirement can be very stressful. There can be a loss of direction and subsequent susceptibility to external influences. This is a time when personal reflection, restatement of Life Purpose and Life Category Goals and appropriate Event choices can be very important.

In times of transition it is especially important that a person pursues life choices that are intrinsically motivated, manifesting his/her natural talents and abilities and fulfilling his/her own Life Purpose and Goals. Otherwise, over time, the person may find that they are feeling unhappy and unfulfilled. They have awareness that they have not been living life based on what feels good inside them. These are often referred to as midlife crises.

iPAL is a cost effective way to create a viable and well planned transition strategy that serves you in the short and long term. iPAL coaches users in making appropriate Event choices and shows them how to optimize each Event in their lives. A Personal Events DatabaseTM (PED) is stored in eight Life Categories with goals in each category. The person conducts self analysis through mathematical calculations performed automatically by the iPAL Personal Events AnalysisTM (PEA) on the PED. With the structure of iPAL as a coach and guide, the person self manages long term positive behavioral change. Follow the links below to learn more.