iPAL Storyline:

Over the years I have discovered that getting individuals to enter data into a database is not always easy. So, with that in mind, iPAL uses a seven chapter storyline to demonstrate a coaching relationship and teach Positive Self Coaching. It is designed to make this process interactive and fun while teaching the essential elements of the concept.

The characters are cartoon gophers. A number of cartoons are added to the story for some learning, but mostly entertainment. The story is written to provide some entertainment value as well as learning points.

Wally, the central character, is the representation of every person. The Uncle is a personification of the iPAL process and the expert coach who guides and encourages Wally.

Wally is not effective at choosing the best Events to make the most of his Talents and Interests. He is strongly influenced by external factors in his decision making. Often these decisions are not the best for Wally. Yet, Wally is reluctant to change and resists his Uncle's attempts to get Wally to try iPAL.

In reading the story, it is difficult not to relate to Wally and when he finally decides to try iPAL, it is an invitation to the user to also give it a try. Throughout the chapters, iPAL provides a variety of coaching suggestions to apply the process most effectively.

Using the iPAL Coaching Tools as a guideline, each chapter addresses the systematic process as follows:

Chapter 1: Wally and the TV

Chapter 2: Shrimp on the Barbie

  • Why Uncle Created iPAL
  • Defining Central Life Purpose
  • Defining Natural Talents and Interests

Chapter 3: Dart Game Contest

  • Defining Events
  • Defining Attributes
  • Defining Values

Chapter 4: The Chocolate Sundae

  • Introduction to Life Categories
  • Defining Life Category Goals

Chapter 5: Uncle's Closet

  • Creating the Baseline PED

Chapter 6: Fireside Chat

  • Self Analysis Results (created by iPAL PEA)
  • iPAL Coaching Points

Chapter 7: The Video Game

iPAL Coaching Point: Some users like the story and cartoons and others would rather not have them. Since the learning objectives for the chapter are embedded in the story, I encourage every first time user to read it.