iPAL For Personal Growth and Development:

As children, humans are indoctrinated in socially acceptable behavior. Although this seems appropriate, often along with this indoctrination comes learning that denies the person their natural orientation to life. Eventually many will reject this learning, causing life crises and low self-esteem. External influences are no less significant after childhood. Marketing and communications media have unlimited funds and access through technology to influence people's decisions about what is good or bad for them. This influence creates peer pressure and strongly indoctrinates many into wearing certain clothes, eating certain foods, driving certain cars and so forth in order to be perceived a certain way and falsely gain social acceptability.

The truth is, a person is most successful when he/she pursues life choices that are internally defined; demonstrating his/her natural talents and abilities and fulfilling his/her own dreams and life goals. With iPAL the opportunity for personal coaching is at your fingertips. Create your own picture that represents your uniqueness while experiencing the joy of doing the things where you have talent and are most interested. Follow the links below to learn more.