iPAL For Mental Health:

The role of the mental health professional is difficult at best. Healthcare systems are overwhelmed with the number of individuals seeking mental health care. Unlike other illnesses, mental health is difficult to treat and cure, often requiring long term care and exorbitant health care costs. Individuals with mental health issues often have co-factors such as physical illness, have or cause accidents, or have disease-causing habits such as smoking, drug or alcohol abuse, or obesity.

With relentless pressure to reduce the costs of healthcare, mental health professionals are limited in options regarding the plan of care. After initial interventions, long term care often involves drugs as the solution.

iPAL is a viable and cost effective complement or alternative to drugs for long term mental health care. A Personal Events DatabaseTM (PED) is stored in eight Life Categories. The patient conducts self analysis through mathematical calculations performed by the software Personal Events AnalysisTM (PEA) on the PED. With the structure of the software as a coach and guide, the patient self manages long term positive behavioral change. Used in conjunction with knowledge based models, iPAL reinforces and sustains the learning. Follow the links below to learn more.