iPAL Return on Investment:

Whether on the job or in your personal life, iPAL will provide a maximum return on investment. My studies show that using iPAL has a positive effect in all the following areas:

Increased Morale/Ethics and Values

Increased Retention

Increased Job Satisfaction

Drug and Alcohol Abuse Cessation

Increased Exercise

Increased Environmental Awareness

Pursuit of Knowledge and Education

Increased Social Consciousness

Improved Financial Management

Improved Health

Stress Reduction

Improved Relationships

Increase in Quality

Increase in Self Motivation

Increased Innovation

Increased Customer Service

Improved Productivity

Increased Teamwork

Decrease in on/off the job injuries

Decreased Termination for Cause

Decrease in Waste

In iPAL, the Self Coaching ContinuumTM is achieved as the individual learns to act on Events that represent natural and internally defined Talents and Interests, demonstrating increased motivation and emotional satisfaction. In this way a person is inherently more satisfied, happier and more successful. This translates to all aspects of our lives, whether regarding self worth, relationships at work or at play. Follow the links below to learn more.