iPAL For Families:

Families are teams and have the same varying degrees of function and dysfunction as do any team, depending on their level of cooperation and synergy. As relationships change over time and children grow to adulthood, there are many challenges faced by family members to build and maintain strong positive relationships that last a lifetime.

Family members may have to cope with personal problems, stress and illness, accidents, or behavioral issues such as drug or alcohol abuse. Families, therefore, to optimize their relationships, must be treated holistically and provided assistance that allows them to achieve personal excellence. In so doing, the family will benefit, but so will society in the loss avoidance from divorce, juvenile delinquency, drug and alcohol abuse and related symptoms of family dysfunction.

iPAL is a viable and cost effective way for couples and parents to learn together the Self Coaching ContinuumTM, how to find Life Purpose, set Life Category Goals and choose Events that uses each ones Talents and Interests. Using iPAL in a family setting can create family synergy, improve communications and understanding and enhance teamwork and family unity. iPAL assists all family members to make appropriate Event choices and optimize each Event in their lives. A Personal Events DatabaseTM (PED) is stored in eight Life Categories with goals in each category. Family members conduct self analysis through mathematical calculations performed automatically by the iPAL Personal Events AnalysisTM (PEA) on the PEDs. Self Analysis results can be shared in the family setting (See the CARE link below). With the structure of iPAL as a coach and guide, everyone in the family learns to self manage a long term positive life strategy with strong family ties. Follow the links below to learn more.