iPAL For Child Development:

It is certainly not a cliché that our children are our future. Raising our children to be responsible adults is one of life’s greatest challenges. Parents want their children to be personally successful and contributors to society.

In the process of child rearing it is clear that children are most successful when they pursue life choices that are internally defined, demonstrating their natural talents and abilities and fulfilling their own Life Purpose and Goals. It is never too early for a child to learn the process of defining their purpose through internal awareness and then translate that awareness into personal goal oriented outcomes.

iPAL is a viable and cost effective way for parents to teach their children the Self Coaching ContinuumTM, how to find Life Purpose, set Life Category Goals and choose Events that use their Talents and Interests. Using iPAL in a family setting can create family synergy, improve communications and understanding, and enhance teamwork and family unity. iPAL assists the parents in helping their child to make appropriate Event choices and shows them how to optimize each Event in their lives. A Personal Events DatabaseTM(PED) is stored in eight Life Categories with goals in each category. The child (you can assist here) conducts self analysis through mathematical calculations performed automatically by the iPAL Personal Events AnalysisTM (PEA) on the PED. With the structure of iPAL as a coach and guide, and with parental guidance and assistance, the child self manages long term positive behavioral change. Follow the links below to learn more.