iPAL for Business:

Employees are still every company's most expensive but most valuable resource. What if every employee in your business had their own Personal Lifecoach. Each employee capable of unlimited access to an expert system to guide them in every aspect of business and personal success. With Lifekey - the Personal Automated Life Coach (iPAL)TM, employees at every level of the organization work their best, collaboratively with productivity and profitability maximized. iPAL costs pennies compared to a human Life Coach or training and achieves dramatic results.

iPAL recognizes employee performance is greatly affected by influences outside of the workplace. They may have problems of stress and illness, have or cause an accident, and/or have disease-causing habits such as smoking, drug or alcohol abuse, or obesity. To turn this around, with iPAL employees are treated as a whole person and provided assistance allowing them to achieve personal excellence. In so doing, the employee will benefit, but so will the company in productivity and profitability and loss avoidance from worker's compensation, sick leave, or exorbitant health care costs.

iPAL is the world's first internet-based tool that coaches employees in the process of Positive Self CoachTM. iPAL will change the way employees see themselves and strongly and internally motivate them to make positive, growth-directed changes in their lives. A proven intervention tool, iPAL provides the essential process and coaching guidance to make this life journey both fun and extremely rewarding.

iPAL is not easy in that it causes employees to look deeply inside themselves, ask personally probing questions, honestly evaluate their current performance and take responsibility for self improvement. But by using iPAL only once, the process will become internalized and guide the user to become an expert Positive Self CoachTM throughout their lives. Long term use of iPAL will continually reinforce the learning. iPAL is a self learning system and will provide more refined coaching with each use and throughout the years. Follow the links below to learn more.