iPAL For Veterans/Persons with Delayed Stress Syndrome (DSS):

As a Vietnam Veteran I have a clear understanding and appreciation of Delayed Stress Syndrome (DSS). I volunteered to the Veteran’s Outreach Center in San Diego for a number of years, counseling veterans returning from Vietnam. The difficulty some veterans have readjusting to normal life is one of the most pressing mental health issues in our society. With the continued involvement of our Country in wars in the Gulf, Iraq and Afghanistan, more and more veterans suffer DSS. These individuals with mental health issues often have co-factors such as physical illness or injury, have or cause accidents, or have disease-causing habits such as smoking, drug or alcohol use.

The Army reported that since 2007, suicides have hit record numbers. The Veteran’s Administration has a tremendous backlog of veterans requiring counseling and there is neither money nor resources to meet the enormity of this requirement.

In my opinion as a veteran, the training soldiers receive to go to war is far more effective and long lasting than the training to re-enter society coming back from war. I feel strongly that all veterans returning from a war zone have access to an intervention, helping them readjust into society. I believe many returning veterans are reluctant to seek counseling and would prefer to work through personal adjustment issues on their own using an online automated personal life coach. This is especially true of our computer age groups, which make up the vast majority of returning veterans today.

iPAL is a viable and cost effective compliment or alternative to counseling and other traditional interventions for assisting veterans returning from a war zone. A Personal Events DatabaseTM (PED) is stored in eight Life Categories. The patient conducts self analysis through mathematical calculations performed by the software Personal Events AnalysisTM (PEA) on the PED. With the structure of the software as a coach and guide, the veteran self manages long term positive behavioral change. Used in conjunction with traditional care, iPAL reinforces and sustains mental and emotional health both for the veteran and his or her family. Follow the links below to learn more.