iPAL – the Personal Automated Lifecoach™

Welcome to iPAL – the Personal Automated Lifecoach™.

iPAL is the most powerful and unique life coaching software available on the internet today.

For fun and ease, iPAL uses a coaching storyline between Uncle and Wally . Uncle is Wally’s personal life coach. Click here for more on the iPAL Storyline.

Uncle provides expert life coaching to Wally by teaching him how to be an expert iPAL Positive Self CoachTM within the Self Coaching ContinuumTM.

While coaching and teaching Wally, Uncle is also coaching and teaching you. Click here for more about iPAL Life Coaching Topics and Personal Benefits.

There is some reading to tell the story and explain ideas, but iPAL is primarily interactive. Soon you will be participating in your own exciting and rewarding life coaching experience.

To truly understand iPAL, you must use it. After using iPAL only once, you will have what it takes to be your own personal life coach for the rest of your life.

For those of you who want to know more before you try it, Click here for How iPAL Works.

iPAL can be applied in many ways. Here are some of the applications. Click here for iPAL Applications.

iPAL represents another way you can use the internet to directly benefit human growth and development. Click here for iPAL Return on Investment.

A human life coach is expensive, iPAL is not. You pay only once for your lifetime iPAL membership. Click here for iPAL Benefits and Membership and become an iPAL member now!